Captain Kangaroo Had a Dancing Bear Too! (Video)

Just when we were thinking that 'paxshikai' had run out of creative hack, mods, and stunts for his i-SOBOT robot, he surprised us again with his latest creation - a Robot Bear (video below).

One of the nice things about his approach is that most i-SOBOT owners should be able to recreate it, or something similar, with minimum taxidermy skills and a quick trip to the local crafts or dollar store. Of course, access to the IR sensor so that the robot can receive commands from the remote control is a concern. Perhaps a small access hole strategically cut in the shoulder might do the trick.

Who knows, perhaps we'll soon see dozens of little robot creatures of different types playing air guitar. Barbie doesn't have the right body proportions for this particular hack, but there must be lots of dolls and stuffed animals out there that would work. Be sure and let us know what you come up with, and point us to a video showing it in action if possible.

Check out more of paxshikai's i-SOBOT work on YouTube!


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