Another ROBO-ONE Builder Goes Super-Size (Video)

We're used to seeing some pretty impressive humanoid robot designs, to the point that some of them just make us yawn, or politely nod our heads. But, we just saw one that has totally blown us away - literally.

Take a look at the leg design on the left. Looks pretty standard?

Nope - look closer. A lot closer...

What looks like a single servo joint is actually dual, back-to-back, high torque Kondo servos - KRS-4013HV, we're guessing. For the techies among you, we've included a short video clip below showing more detail on the dual servo setup. The leg assembly stands almost half a meter tall, and would tower above a KHR-2HV with plenty of room to spare, before it even gets to the body section.

It's the brainchild of Yoshimura-san, famous for the ROBO-ONE Champion R-Blue robot series, and is named "Super R-Blue". It also appears that, similar to the KHR-1HV, each leg be able to rotate at the hip. This monster could end up having 20+ servos in the legs alone, and probably will end up at between 30 to 40 servos in total. We don't want to even think about estimating it's rough cost.

As soon as he is ready to show it off a bit, we're more than willing to make the trek out to his place - with bells on!


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