Weird New Robot Lifeform Springs From Guru's Junkbox (Video)


It's hard enough to build a robot from a commercial kit. It's even harder to design and build one from components based on your own concept. But it takes a real robotics and creative guru to dip their hand into their junk box, pull out a few old, worn parts, and hack them together to give birth to a cute, almost lifelike, robotic creature that performs better than a lot of robots on the market.

I-Wei (aka CrabFu) had a little bit of spare time on his hands (did we mention he's looking for a job?), and a pile of old parts from his robotics, steam punk, and R/C plane/helicopter hobbies. So, rather than sit around and mope, he started playing around with different robot designs based on worn R/C helicopter swash mechanisms.

The result of his labors, named the "Swashbot", is truly amazing to watch. And, in true CrabFu style, he openly shares all the background in the video below.


3 thoughts on “Weird New Robot Lifeform Springs From Guru's Junkbox (Video)

  1. A very thought of design, I was very impressed with the limited degree of freedom and still able to accomplish overall movement. Good job on another successful bot this one is truly remarkable, btw your presentation and control of swash was killer.

  2. hi, the project is fantastic, i love robots but i cant have iniciative to beging build robots, i look a litle projects but notihng with remote control and easy.
    do you have simple projects with remote control and cheap as your swashbot?

    thanks for your video is beatyfull

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