The "Summer of Love" Redux – Robot Style!


It was 1967, San Francisco, and suddenly 100,000 young people flocked to the Haight Ashbury district creating an unbelievably powerful mix of music, freedom, creative expression, and new political thinking. It was Ground Zero for the hippie revolution, and the world will never be the same.

This summer, echoes of that unforgettable "Summer of Love" will rebound through the streets of San Francisco as robot enthusiasts from all over the globe gather to participate in three landmark events. The "Robot Summer of Love" gets off to a roaring start with the Combots Cup III event on May 3-4. Just one week later, on May 10th, and totally in keeping with the hippie "Make love, not war", the ROBOEXOTICA USA event comes to San Francisco. Then, mid-June, the worlds largest (and most exciting) robot competition - RoboGames 2008  is going to rock the walls, and probably the San Francisco Bay itself, with hundred of robots fighting it out in over 70 different events.

Thanks to David Calkins, here are the details for this awesome series of robot events. As we used to say in the 60's - "Be there, or be square!"


It's back! If you've got a combat robot, we've got an arena! Open to robots 30 pounds to 340 pounds, it's your chance to warm up for RoboGames and compete for the glory of holding the ComBots Cup for the next year. Since the event is held at Maker Faire, you not only get to compete, but you get to check out some of the best builders in the country. You've still got 2 weeks to register, so if you've got a combat robot, we want to see you this May 3-4 in San Mateo.

Some photos:

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Cocktails, art, and bars. It's like heaven, only without the harps. Started 10 years ago in Vienna, this is the first time the show comes to America. If you've got a bar-bot, this is your chance to show it off - it can deliver beer, mix drinks, or just hang out and hit on girls. We'd also like to see your art robots. Whether it hangs on a wall stands against one, this is really fun show and exhibit. The opening party is May 10th in SF, but your bots will get to stick around and be seen by gallery-goers.

Some photos:

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RoboGames, the world's largest open robot competition, invites mechanics, closet machinists, artists and engineers of all ages, skills and means to compete at RoboGames this June. RoboGames is listed in the Guinness book of records as the world's largest robot competition, and we want you to be a part of it! Yes! There is still time to register your robot. "My robot?, Why, it’s just a dorky little thing made out of spoonstraws and a BASIC stamp!" That doesn't matter at RoboGames! With over different 70 events to choose from, any robot, in any form, is welcome to compete! From art robots to autonomous navigation, robot sumo to fire fighting, even bots that don't fit into any category can register for "best of show." The event is open to anyone, not just university students, professionals, or other schools. Some of the finest builders are garage mechanics and backyard experimenters, but RoboGames also hosts professional engineers, robotics companies, and other organized teams. RoboGames also encourages young engineers to come out and show their stuff, so we made more than 10 events just for under-18 events with NO registration fees! Participants will be joining an international field of competitors (over 30 countries were represented last year) and competing for the prestigious gold, silver and bronze medals awarded in every event! RoboGames is an excellent opportunity to indulge mechanical know-how, adapt science fetishes for good and come out and play among fellow makers, thinkers and builders. Registration closes in one and a half months, but don't wait! The event opens to the public June 13-15th, and fills the stands with people eager to see your bot.

Some photos:

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