Robot American Football Rocks! (Video)


It's easy to fall into the trap of believing that Robots Dreams is only about humanoid robots, especially since the vast majority of our posts are about one type of biped robot or another. Still, we are very non-denominational when it comes to robotics. We like, and try to follow, almost all types of robots. We've even been known to spend hours gazing in awe and admiration at a factory assembly robot tasked with nothing more complex than putting tiny little screws into micro-assemblies.

One of the unique robot sports that we really enjoy is only staged once a year - Robot American Football. The competitions were the brainchild of the same Fujisoft sponsored group that has organized and promoted Robot Sumo here in Japan for the past two decades. Of course, Robot American Football is much younger than Robot Sumo, but what it lacks in age and maturity is more than made up by its speed, power, excitement, and team play. Take a look at the videos below to get a feel for why we enjoy it so much.


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