RoboGames and Instructables Announce Robot Contest

RoboGames and Instructables have teamed up to sponsor an exciting new contest with some great prizes.  Their objective is simple. They want to motivate all of us latent robot builders to get up off our couches and into our workshops to actually build some of those robots we've been talking, and dreaming about. 

And, knowing from experience that building a complete robot can be complex and time consuming, the official rules only require that you document one of the significant subunits of the robot.

Oh, did we mention "prizes"? How about a Grand Prize that includes airfare, hotel (4 nights), and a VIP pass to RoboGames 2009? Or the First Prize of a brand new RoboPhilo humanoid robot kit?

Entries opened April 15, 2008, and will close on June 29, 2008. Don't just sit there! Get going, and get building! 


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