ROBO-ONE 13: Our Favorite Bout (Video)

It's always hard to pick our 'favorite' bout out of all the great battles that take place during every ROBO-ONE competition. Sometimes there's a totally surprising move that just blows us away. Or, the operator comes up with a unique strategy that really impresses us. Still, picking just one as our personal 'favorite' is extremely difficult.

For ROBO-ONE 13, the bout that really impressed us the most, and the bout that we continue to watch over and over, was the final bout between Garoo (right) and Taekwon-V to determine the Lightweight Championship (see video below).

The robots size, weight, and skill levels were very evenly matched, and both operators have won major competitions before and taken home numerous trophies. The tension was high, and the pressure on both teams must have been intense.

Here's what the action looked like:

Note: We didn't notice our spelling error of Garoo's name until after the video was finished, and offer our sincere apologies for mistyping.


One thought on “ROBO-ONE 13: Our Favorite Bout (Video)

  1. Great video, Lem. Thanks, as always, for making this great sport accessible to us poor saps outside of Japan!

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