ROBO-ONE 13: Leghorn – The Rooster Robot(Video)

Ever since we posted the interview with Tim Hornyak we've received email after email with requests to learn more about the 'chicken' robot that Tim mentioned.

The robot's official name in the ROBO-ONE directory is "Leghorn". He stands 51 cm tall (we're assuming that includes his beautiful red head feathers) and weighs 2.99 kg. Leghorn hails from the Osaka area where he frequently competes (and wins) in Iwaki-san's RoboFight competitions.

Leghorn's first ROBO-ONE unveiling was at ROBO-ONE 11, approximately 1 year ago. Six months later, at ROBO-ONE 12 in Takamatsu, he managed to get into the final group fighting on the second day, but lost his first battle.

This time around, for ROBO-ONE 13, he was better prepared, and much more experienced. All of his builders hard work really paid off when the robot was able to capture the #3 position in the Lightweight Category right behind Garoo and Taekwan V.

Here a short video some of the highlights of Leghorn's ROBO-ONE 13 adventures:

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One comment

  1. BlazeEagle

    Funny but cool!

    Thanks for posting this, it’s very much appreciated!!

    That chicken kicked butt!!

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