Roaming Robots Goes All Out


Are you feeling down in the dumps because you don't get your regular dose of robot madness and violence? Depressed ever since the TV networks stopped broadcasting combat robot battles? Have the urge to check out massive, pounding, flipping, fire-breathing robot destruction?

Well, look no further! Our friends in the UK at Roaming Robots have decided they want to become "Europe's leading Robotic Entertainment company, and they are pulling out the stops to make it happen. And, they are making a lot of their action available online...

To kick things off, the Roaming Robots team just completely revamped their website adding new features like a section including behind-the-scenes tours of their fantastic combat robot extravaganzas, a virtual combat arena, special movie clips, exclusive photo galleries, and much, much more.

Our personal favorite, at least so far, is their new video on demand section that offers up a great selection of online video clips of the Roaming Robot event action. Just make sure that you have plenty of available bandwidth.

Here's what the Roaming Robots folks had to say:

A lot has been happening over the past few weeks, with the launch of our brand new multimedia interactive web site with database facilities.

We have launched the first real media page which shows our movie clips in flash format to view on any computer like YouTubeTM. Roaming Robots ON DEMAND section has movie clips from our events and also other extra footage which you don't normally see. Roaming Robots also launches Europe's first real Teams/Robots database.

At present over 40 teams with over 90 robots are logged on the database with stats and pictures all viewable online now. Also we took it a step further and now log all the fights they take part in which enables us to give battle stats of the robots. We now have a games section with lots of games and puzzles for you to try out, including our new highly popular "Roboteer Reaction Tester". Have you got what it takes? Also another new game will be with us in the summer....

Note to Roboteers who are receiving this email - you may wish to unsubscribe to this newsletter as you will soon start to receive the Roaming Robots Roboteers newsletter if you have signed up to the new Roboteers database system. We have more events added to our web site being Europe's leading Robotic Entertainments company, we host the most and biggest events also.

Check out our events pages and see when the next live event is, it might be near you! More great sections on the brand new web site such as a features section - where we go behind the scenes of our House Robots and competitors and also back stage of our shows! Keep an eye on it for more features. Also not forgetting the Battle Zone section which also features our virtual arena, movie clips of our effects and House Robots along with pictures and stats never before exposed! Check it out....

That's it for now, we could ramble on about all the new stuff on our new site, but were sure you will check it out for yourself if you haven't already. More still to come to the web site. New online shop, ticket box office and more sections - were not done yet!!! See you at an event soon...

Signing Off...
Roaming Robots Crew


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