Put Robo Japan 2008 on the Calendar


It's too early to know all the details yet, but certainly Robo Japan 2008 is worthy of putting on your calendars. Scheduled for October 11th - 13th, 2008, this new showcase event for all things robotic will be held at the Pacifico Convention Center in Yokohama.

Management of the event is being coordinated by the Robo Japan steering committee, but all the logistics and organization will be managed by Fuji TV - the largest and most popular television network in Japan. So, you can bet that Robo Japan 2008 will draw lots of press coverage and public attention. If you're involved in the robot business it might be an excellent opportunity to get your products or services in front of the world's most advanced and sophisticated robot buyers and potential customers.

As an extra added bonus, the ROBO-ONE 14 competition will take place at Robo Japan 2008 during the first two days of the event. We're sure there will be much more information released over the next few months as the excitement builds.


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