Japanese Network Set to Debut Robot Drama


Fuji TV, one of the top television networks in Japan, is set to debut a new series next week tittled "Zettai Kareshi!", which loosely translates as "He's My Boyfriend, Absolutely!"

The basic premise centers around Riko, a young single, and very cute, woman who works as temp staff for a candy company. Riko is selected as a beta tester for a new robot to be released by Kronos Heaven. As it turns out, the robot is intended to be the perfect boyfriend, with all the characteristics that women love, and none of the short comings. However, the new robot was designed by a male engineer, so you can bet that lots of comedy and miscommunication will ensue....

The show is billed as a 'Drama', but the definition of drama here is much looser than in the US. This particular program is likely to be more of a 'situation comedy' - perhaps a robot version of 'Mork & Mindy'.


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