In Lieu of a Another New Robot…


Okay, we have to admit it. We just went out and exercised our plastic for something that wasn't actually a robot. Our last mountain bike purchase, a jet black TREK 820, was almost 12 years ago, and although the bike is still serviceable, it has definitely seen better days. The situation was aggravated even more by the fact that we live just a couple minutes from Tokyo Bay, so the battle with salt spray and rust is never ending.

So, we're the proud owners of a brand new, bright red, TREK 4500. And, since the shop we bought it from is quite a ways from our place, the new bike already has a little over 10 km on it - just from riding it home from the store. To put things in perspective, a TREK 4500 purchased here cost almost exactly the same as a brand new Kondo KHR-2HV purchased in the States.


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