Give That Robot A Hand!


Well, the design gurus at Kyosho (or some devoted MANOI cusotmers) have been putting in some serious overtime hours. In addition to the new sets of body shells we mentioned yesterday, they are also in the process of cranking out a series of new MANOI based options and add-ons.

One of their most useful, and exciting, new options is a fully functional, and artfully articulated, hand for the MANOI AT01 series humanoid robot. The new robot hand has five fingers, including an opposable thumb.

While we didn't see the advance prototype hand actually grasp any objects, we can testify to the fact that it does play a mean game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

There is no firm release schedule yet, though you can bet that they wouldn't be showing it this openly if it was going to take a long time to get ready for commercial sales. Kyosho also stated that the robot hand pricing hasn't been finalized yet, but expect it to be somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 yen.


This is a prototype of the robot hand, so the final color and other details may differ. While we really like the overall design and functionality, it does look a little too big relative to the robots height. Also, the hand adds considerable mass to the robot, especially since it's at the end of the arm. So, when it swings the hand around, the MANOI body sways a bit. Of course that could be offset by counter balancing it with a second hand moving in unison.


The prototype uses two small servos that pull sets of wires to move the robot hand's fingers.


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