French Company Ready to Seek and Destroy the Leghorn Robot (Video)

The French robot guru's over at POB Technologies think they might have exactly the right robotics technology to track down, and defeat Leghorn, the ROBO-ONE champion rooster robot.

POB has developed some really interesting kits and peripherals that facilitate adding vision, object recognition, and other features to robot platforms. Their real claim-to-fame is the simplicity and ease of use provided by their products. At the same time, they've managed to keep the prices low enough to be affordable by a lot of robot experimenters and workshop wizards. And, they always love a good challenge....

So, when they saw our recent ROBO-ONE 13 post about Leghorn, they immediately had to tell us about the "Chicken Shooting" application they developed last year to demonstrate the features of one of their camera/object recognition products.

We're not sure that it will have Leghorn shaking in fear, but who knows - it might just do the trick. Here's the POB Chicken Hunter in action:


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