Awesome New MANOI Robot Shells

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Kyosho has a series of new, really awesome, shells in the works for the popular MANOI AT01 humanoid robot. The original AT01 design was pretty striking, and instantly recognizable. With a slightly smaller (scaled-down) head, that version is now known as the Type-A, or "Small Head".

The second shell version, which resembles a Japanese anime quasi-beetle headed super hero, was labeled the Type-B. The most recent set of shells, the Type-C (see photo)- our personal favorite, has real character and presence. It looks more like what we always thought a humanoid robot should look.

There is also a "Type-F" shell set rumored to be in development. While there is no official data available on the Type-F yet, we think it's a safe bet that the "F" indicates it will be a kinder, gentler robot of the opposite sex. That is assuming that humanoid robots actually have gender.


2 thoughts on “Awesome New MANOI Robot Shells

  1. Hi Erin,

    >I hope Type-F is pink!

    So far all of the shells are clear plastic, so you can prepare and paint them any color you like. You just use the same techniques and tools used to finish R/C car bodies.

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