American Humanoid Robot Spotted in Japan


We were flipping through the pages of the latest issue of Robocon Magazine, trying to decide which robot articles were interesting enough to invest all the time and effort in translation. Well, to be perfectly honest, all the robot articles are all 'interesting enough', but given our poor command of Japanese kanji, the translation process can be painfully slow.

Then, we happened to glance at the Robotis Dynamixel advertisement, and one robot immediately caught our attention. ZOG! One of the RoboGames champion humanoid robots designed by Farrell Robotics.


He's in good company too - surrounded by other high performance humanoids like Dynamizer, Hajime Robot 18, the NIMBRO RoboCup team, and Gadget 2. Of course we realize that it's an ad, and that Robotis is trying to promote their products by showcasing some of the builders that use them. Still, it's quite an honor for ZOG to share the stage with some of the best humanoid robotics has to offer.

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  1. Zog? That looks like Oro to me :-D

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