Waseda University – Takanishi Laboratory


Thanks to the great arrangement by Dr. Keishi Matsuda of Anabuki Technical College in Takamatsu, we were able to spend a wonderful afternoon getting a behind the scenes tour of the Takanishi Laboratory at Waseda University along with a briefing on many of the amazing robot research and development projects currently underway. We'll be posting detailed reports on some of the projects soon.

RobotThe Takanishi Laboratory is named for Dr. Atsuo Takanishi (right), a modern day Renaissance Man whose talents and interests cover every aspect of robotics from biped humanoids, to robot simulation of emotion and body language, human/robot interaction and cooperation, and bio-medical robotics.  We really appreciate the fact that Dr. Takanishi was kind enough to take the time out of his busy schedule to host our visit.

To make his robot dreams a reality, Dr. Takanishi has attracted advanced, and very talented, robotics researchers from all over the globe. During our brief visit to the Laboratory we met key researchers from Japan, Italy, Germany, and Mexico. Dr. Takanishi seems to focus on getting the best talent to achieve the Laboratory's objectives independent of their nationality, native language, or culture.

We should also mention that Dr. Matsuda is also the organizer of RoboCountry IV humanoid robot competitions.


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