Wakamaru Robot Gets A Part-time Job


Other than the fact that it's bright yellow, and cute, we have no idea why Nikon selected the Mitsubishi Wakamaru robot to do market promotions for their new D-60 digital camera. Whatever the reason, it's got to cost them a pretty penny. At the moment, there's a booth setup at the main entrance to Yodobashi Camera right next to Akihabara station. You wait in line (there were only two people waiting at 7:00 pm this evening, it isn't Disneyland), then get your photo snapped with the robot.

Before you ask, yes that really is a 'black heart' in the photo. It doesn't have a negative meaning in Japanese, and was probably picked just to match the Nihon color scheme. We're sure that they would be shocked to find out the meaning of 'black heart' in English. Neat robot, and neat camera, though we're not convinced that this particular marketing promotion will payoff for Nikon. In any case, it captured enough of our attention that we stopped to take the photo above, and to blog about it.


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