ROBO-ONE 13: Tim Hornyak's Perspective on the ROBO-ONE Phenomena (Video)

Tim Hornyak is a well known expert on the history and development of Japanese robots, as well as the author of "Loving the Machine", a best selling book that explores the 'art and science of Japanese robots"

We had the great pleasure of spending the afternoon with Tim at ROBO-ONE 13 on Sunday. Of course, we couldn't let the opportunity for an interview (see video below) escape, so we grabbed our camera, put Tim in front of one of the ROBO-ONE banners (just like the Oscars!) and kept feeding him straight lines...

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One comment

  1. llessieux

    Hi Lem, Tim,

    Well it was a pleasure to meet both of you today. I hope to be able to return to do a more robotics once my situation settles down by the end of the year.

    And who knows we could perhaps even build a team ;-)
    Come one, who can resist a US-Canada-France team and we might even be able to setup a robot that actually works :)



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