ROBO-ONE 13: OmniZero Turns in a Perfect Performance (Video)

It seems like Maeda-san and OmniZero have totally blocked out the Demonstration phase of the ROBO-ONE competitions as their own personal turf. They own it exclusively and don't intend to let any other builder encroach on their territory.

On Saturday, during the first day's technical demonstrations, OmniZero's performance (see video below) was letter perfect. The amazing robot met, and exceeded, all the event's theme challenges including dancing in time to the theme music and doing an aerial 180 degree jump turn.

As if that wasn't enough, the robot then went on to turn true gymnastic cartwheels around the ROBO-ONE rink. There is no question that Maeda-san and OmniZero are true ROBO-ONE champions.


One thought on “ROBO-ONE 13: OmniZero Turns in a Perfect Performance (Video)

  1. Very nice!

    It looks like Maeda-san put in extra effort
    to make the movements appear “human-like”,
    instead of simply getting the moves “right”.

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