ROBO-ONE 13: More Super-Sized Humanoid Robots

The ROBO-ONE organizing committee has been trying to encourage the development of larger, more powerful, and more realistic humanoids for quite a while. Scaling up a competitive robot presents some significant challenges, including increased development cost, severe shock, and really demanding power and torque requirements. So, it wasn't surprising that just a few super-sized ROBO-ONE robots appeared on the scene.

Now, with ROBO-ONE 13 just one week away, it appears that we will finally see some totally awesome robot giants step into the ring to do battle. Here's a graph of the robots height charted against their weight:

   ROBO-ONE 13 Entries - Height (cm) versus Weight (kg)

Traditionally, the typical ROBO-ONE robot would average around 2-2.5 kg. Now we're seeing both much larger, and much smaller designs. In terms of weight, they break out this way:

=> 3 kg      26 entries
2-3 kg        51 entries
< 2 kg        26 entries
Unknown   9 entries

The 'unknown' entries are a result of the ROBO-ONE database operating pretty much on the honor system. Competitors are responsible for entering the data themselves. It is audited, from time to time. Of course, the only thing that really matters is the robots actual weight and dimensions when they check in on the morning of the competitions. At that point the judges go over the robots with a fine tooth comb.

You may have noted that the total number of entries is down a bit from the previous competitions. Our guess is that some potential competitors had to drop out when the event date was suddenly shifted forward by one week. This was certainly the case with at least one overseas competitor we know who couldn't change their travel plans and time off from work on short notice. There are also some competitors that didn't enter this time around because they weren't able to get their robots to consistently execute the pre-screening tests.

In any case, it looks like we're in for a fun filled, and extremely exciting weekend jam-packed with humanoid robot entertainment action starting first thing next Saturday morning.


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