ROBO-ONE 13: i-SOBOT Based ROBO-ONE Competition Planned


The announcement was very low key, to the point that if you weren't paying attention you might have easily missed it entirely. But, the long term impact could be tremendous. At the ROBO-ONE 13 competition yesterday it was announced thatTakara TOMY has officially joined the list of ROBO-ONE sponsors, which is good news by itself. More important, they mentioned that there are plans in the works for a TOMY robot (i-SOBOT) based ROBO-ONE competition. The details and schedules were not specified, but frankly, we can hardly wait!


One thought on “ROBO-ONE 13: i-SOBOT Based ROBO-ONE Competition Planned

  1. Thanks for the news! I got an iSobot for Christmas, but as nobody else in my local robot club has one, he’s been mostly just sitting on the shelf. Having official competition rules may help stimulate some interest.

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