New Japanese Humanoid Robot Book

Iwaki-san and Tanaka-san have put together a new humanoid robot book that we know is destined to join our rapidly growing library, and workshop. The book, titled "Custom Robot Perfect Book", has us drooling just from the cover photos alone. Add in the fact that Iwaki-san has designed and built some totally awesome robots, including Five - one of the ROBO-ONE 13 finalists, and Tanaka-san is famous for his robot suit/shell designs....

Well, hopefully we'll be able to track down a copy of the new book in Akihabara this weekend. If we're lucky enough to snare one you'll hear about it here with all the great and gory details.


3 thoughts on “New Japanese Humanoid Robot Book

  1. Do they have plans on translating this to English?

  2. > Do they have plans on translating this to English?

    Perhaps, but it’s not very likely. The market for techncal books is small, and books on a very small market niche aren’t likely to pay back their production costs.

    That being said, most books like this are pretty easy to follow from the photos and diagrams, even if ou don’t undertand Japanese writing.

  3. Sounds really good. Any chance to get the book in europe ?

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