Maeda/OmniZero Nail Top Position During the ROBO-ONE 13 Demonstration Phase


This won't come as much of a surprise to most ROBO-ONE fans, but once again, Maeda-san and OmniZero quickly captured the top position during the first days competition. This is the 'Demonstration' phase where builders have to put their robot through a 2 minute, totally autonomous demonstration of the robots abilities in front of a panel of expert judges. The OmniZero series of competition humanoid robots has always been a strong crowd favorite, and has frequently placed #1 during the first day over the past few years.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the top qualifiers, including OmniZero, will face off against each other in the ROBO-ONE ring. Historically, OmniZero hasn't done as well during the fighting phase of the competition, and we don't expect him to win the Championship.


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