Tin Robots – Cheap Toys or Valuable Collectibles?

When we were kids, long ago and far away, we had quite a few small metal robot toys that were made it Japan. They were a lot of fun to play with, and no doubt contributed to our lifelong fascination and addiction to things robotic. But, at some point, probably during one of our moves, the tin robot toys were misplaced, donated to the local Goodwill, or just trashed.

Boy, are we crying now! A similar Japanese toy robot from the same era, the "Machine Man Robot" produced by Masudaya Toys, is currently on auction on eBay and the most recent bid is a whooping $31,100 US dollars! Of course, it's in almost mint condition and has been in storage for over 47 years, while our old robot friends were played with constantly until something broke. Still, we don't want to even hazard a guess about the value of those rare robot collectibles we so casually tossed away... !8-(


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