Robot Soccer Gets More Realistic and More Exciting (Video)


Robot soccer is rapidly becoming both more realistic, and more exciting, as we found out during the recent 9th KondoCup Robot Soccer competition here. While the robot builders have certainly improved their designs over the past year, they have also improved their control of the robots, and their winning strategies.

About a year ago, when Kondo, famous for pioneering the whole field of hobby humanoid robots, kicked off regular robot soccer competitions, In the early competitions the robots spent almost as much time falling down as they did playing. But, it didn't take long for the participants to figure out how to improve the robots stability, motions, and game plays.

Little by little, the matches started to look more and more like real world competitions, including being able to mimic actual soccer player moves and team plays. An excellent example of this was when one of the final matches resulted in a tie, and the match went into overtime goal kicks (see video below).


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