ROBO-ONE 13 Update

Just a quick update on a few ROBO-ONE 13 items:

  • There's a new promotional website setup for ROBO-ONE 13
  • Advance purchase tickets are set to go on sale tomorrow (February 6th) at all the great robot hang-outs like Tsukumo, Robot Factory, Robo Spot, and the Korakuen Hall. Apparently they don't plan on making tickets available via one of the online ticket services like they did last year.
  • There's a 400 yen discount for advance purchase if you buy tickets for both days of the competition at the same time.
  • Twelve competitors, including top champion robots Yokozuna Great and IVRE,  have been officially entered  as of 23:00 this evening (February 5th). It's typical to see slow entries at first, and then a flood of entries during the last few days of the enrollment period.


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