Rare Opportunity to See Creature FX Upclose and Personal

Matt Denton, the founder of micromagic systems and a well known creator of some amazing robotic creature FX for movies like Harry Potter, was kind enough to pass on the press release for this weekends "Monster Mash" in London.

The gallery event will feature "a dazzling array of work ranging from the sensitive to the grotesque" created by members of the UK creature FX industry. Matt will be exhibiting his iC hexapod robot. Needless to say, we'd love to be there, but unfortunately we're already committed to attending a robot exhibition here this particular weekend. If any of you do attend, we definitely encourage you to share some photos and videos.


10am - 4pm
Sat 9th - Sun 10th Feb
The Old Sail Factory
11 West India Dock Road
Curator: Maria Cork

Monster Mash is a gallery event showcasing the personal artwork of the members of the UK Creature FX industry. Film and TV monster-making employs a diverse range of artistic talent from concept to realisation and the motley crew who bring to life the fantastic creatures to terrify and amaze you on screen produce a rich and varied range of personal work in their spare time which is rarely seen in public.

After many years working in creature FX, curator Maria Cork felt that it was high time these works saw the light of day instead of hiding in workshops and living rooms and set about bringing together a showcase which would give them the exposure they richly deserve.

Bringing together fine art, sculpture, multimedia, film and all things in between; Monster Mash is by no means limited to things monstrous. Expect a dazzling array of work ranging from the sensitive to the grotesque, exploring a range of themes as diverse as the artists involved.

No press day is planned but journalists wishing to attend on either Sat 9th or Sun 10th should contact Maria Cork on 07973 471 212 or at mariacork@googlemail.com to arrange free entry or for any further inquiries.


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