WowWee Shows Off New Robot Plans at CES


Coming close on the heels of Christmas and New Years, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is always a great time to see what great new high tech gadgets we could have bought if we had only waited a bit.

It's also the time when companies trot out new product 'concepts' to see how the market reacts before they invest a lot of time and effort to commercialize them. Robots are no exception. For example, WowWee, the company that brought us robotic wonders like the original Robosapien, Robopet, and the disembodied singing Elvis head, is showing off a whole raft of new robot products at CES this year.

Thanks to Robert at RobotsRule.Com, we got a quick overview of WowWee's new robot lineup for CES. The best word we can think of to describe them is "eclectic" since they are all over the map. A few that caught our attention included:


The aptly named ROVIO is billed as a 'mobile robotic web camera' featuring a tri-wheel design.


Femisapien - appears, at least from the photo, to be the love child of Robosapien V2 and Takahashi's FT female humanoid robot.


Mr. Personality - it will be interesting to see if this robot can out burp, belch, or fart any of its Robosapien ancestors.

You can find the full WowWee CES lineup at RobotsRule.Com.


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