Aldebaran Robotics and NAO Start Recruiting

Looking for a fantastic opportunity to join a leading edge humanoid robotics team? Want to do state-of-the-art work that will be immediately put to the test by the top universities and robot labs in the world? Love robots?

Well, polish up your resume (CV) and get cracking! Opportunity, in the form of really exciting robot career positions at Aldebaran Robotics, is knocking!

A few days ago we broke the news that Aldebaran Robotics, the creators of the NAO humanoid robot selected as AIBO's replacement platform for RoboCup, had successfully landed 5 million euros in first round venture capital funding. Hardly waiting to catch their breath, they are already actively recruiting new team members dedicated to making NAO a reality.

Aldebaran is looking for talented people with international experience and know-how for several key positions including marketing manager, industrialization manager, chief technology officer, motor command and modeling expert, desktop software developer, and embedded software developer. They have also allocated open positions for interns in software development, electronics, and mechanical design. You'll find more open positions that don't specifically require the international perspective on their French open positions listing page.


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