4th Wonderful Robot Carnival: Final Match (Video)

Thanks to the genius and creativity of Ishikawa-san, the Wonderful Robot Carnival has turned out to be an extremely unique and exciting robot competition. Without a doubt it's our favorite in the Kanto area of Japan.

In just a few short hours last Sunday afternoon over 40 robots battled their way through a whole series of different events like the dash, bottle traction (pull), die shoot, balloon survival,  and rumble. Only the top competitors would qualify to fight in the ring for the right to pre-qualify for ROBO-ONE 13.

The outcome was surprising and suspense filled. At the end of the day Naaga and Garoo fought for the regulation three minute ROBO-ONE battle, and the result was a 2-2 tie. That threw the match into Sudden Death Overtime, and the fun was just beginning.

In the Sudden Death Overtime competition the first robot to score a clear knock down wins the match. Typically the fights are pretty short and sweet, often with one of the competitors risking everything to topple the other instantly.

But, on this particular Sunday, the match was anything but short and sweet. This had to be the longest, and most tension filled overtime session we've ever experienced. We're sure that both the operators felt exactly the same way. Let us know what you think:


One thought on “4th Wonderful Robot Carnival: Final Match (Video)

  1. The purple robot should have won, to me it was cooler…

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