4th Wonderful Robot Carnival Rocks! (Photo Album)


The Wonderful Robot Carnival events, held every six months in Tokyo, just get better and better. Today's competition, the 4th, was jam packed with robot action, surprises, humor, and even suspense from the time it opened at 1:00 pm until the winner was declared just before 7:00 pm. With over 40 entries, 5 completely unique competitions, plus a ROBO-ONE pre-qualification stage, it was hard to blink without missing some of the action.

Checkout our raw photo album from the 4th Wonderful Robot Carnival, and stay tuned for some really exciting videos.


2 thoughts on “4th Wonderful Robot Carnival Rocks! (Photo Album)

  1. Chuck,

    If it’s the one that I think you mean, it’s a Futaba/HPI G-Robot/RBT-1. It did pretty well at most of the competitions given its small size.

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