Robot Gathering After IREX

Thanks to the ever gracious Norri Kageki of GetRobo.Com we had a wonderful time last Friday evening hanging out, exchanging stories and making connections with a real international gang of dedicated robot folks. We felt really lucky, honored actually, to be in the company of so many well known robotics researchers, developers, reporters and analysts.

Totally out of character, we were so busy chatting and networking that we completely failed to take any photos. Luckily, Simone was more non-plussed and had her camera at the ready. She even managed to capture a great, and extremely rare, shot of both David (RoboGames) and I masquerading as reputable, conservative, trustworthy business people.


2 thoughts on “Robot Gathering After IREX

  1. Who’s masquerading? I’m reputa… OK, i guess having a reputation is the same thign.

    Well, I’m conservative. Erm, wait. My voting record might disprove that.

    Well I’m trustworthy! Uhhh… Unless you count the whole disorganization thing.

    OK… Masquerading it is!

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