Robot Exhibition at Ueno

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We have to say that the Robot Exhibition currently running at the National Science Museum in Ueno (Tokyo) was pretty disappointing. Of course the KondoCup Robot Soccer event was great, as usual. But that was only for one day. The regular exhibits were all pretty static, though we did get to watch Asimo strut his stuff for a few minutes.

The Robot Museum in Nagoya did a much better job at presenting robots and their influence on culture and society, but unfortunately they closed earlier this year.

All things considered, we would give the Ueno robot exhibition a '6' on a scale of '10'. It is worth going to see if you happen to be in the area, or if you want to check out the rest of the Science Museum exhibits.


2 thoughts on “Robot Exhibition at Ueno

  1. A bit of a harsh review.

    Given the general lack of robot exhibits around and ability to get to see them before they shut down prematurely (Nagoya museum open for just a year), this is DEFINITELY worth a visit if in/visiting Japan.

    Went yesterday and while its true a lot of the exhibits could have been arranged less like a history musuem, being able to see them first-hand, not a bad range of Japanse bots, and also the Toyata Partner Robots and Honda’s Asimo shows, I think it’ll bring a smile to most robot enthusiast.

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