ROBO-ONE: Grand Championship Competition @ IREX (Video)

Unfortunately we had a family situation to deal with on Saturday and missed the ROBO-ONE Grand Championship competition staged on the last day of the IREX show here in Tokyo.

But, thanks to "LilMissySuicide", aka Simone - by far the better half of RoboGames, we're able to share a video of the final match of the day (see below).

We have to say that some of the action, especially King Kizer's strategic moves, both defensive and offensive, are quite amazing. He definitely earned the championship.


6 thoughts on “ROBO-ONE: Grand Championship Competition @ IREX (Video)

  1. Freakin’ nice moves! This video lays it out, plain as day, as to why these guys are champions!

  2. Great video! I really like the captions explaining who is who and what’s going on (hint, hint Lem!). Thanks for bringing it to us!

  3. As much as I like watching the battles online, I can’t say this one was anything special. Monster has one sloooow move only. King Kizer didn’t show much more for interesting moves (an uppercut). Most of the takedowns were the robots walking into each other or falling over doing their own attacks! There have been many more interesting fights.

    Props to King Kizer are well deserved for being able to perform the perfect defense to Monster’s one-sided attack!

  4. Amazing skill, monstor had good , but the king kizer had better.
    The monstor had good skills to grasp the enemy, but the king kizer had good siklls to deviate attacks of monster.
    Good battle.

    I who gives to me to have been there.

  5. hola soy de peru y me gustaria saber como aser-armar-construir un robot de batalla soy estudiante de ing electronica y toy muy intersado en aser un robot para poder participar en los concursos de universidaddes q hya atte sus amigo dante diaz

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