Kondo Announces RCB-3J Controller Upgrade for KHR-2HV Robots

Kondo just announced availability of a RCB-3J controller firmware upgrade. The RCB-3J is used primarily in the popular KHR-2HV humanoid robot.

The new firmware adds many of the capabilities already featured in the full RCB-3 controllers including improved processing speed (for quicker, more realistic motions), faster conditional branches (smooth slalom style walking), support for the KRS-4000 series servos (more torque and serial operation), and extension of the low speed serial port operation (supports analog joystick implementations for master/slave control).

The new functionality, with it's improved operating speed, means that motions used with the previous firmware will not perform correctly and will need to be modified. Kondo will be posting the modification details soon. Based on our experience with earlier RCB-3 upgrades, the modifications involved are fairly simple and easy for users to implement.

The RCB3J controllers need to be sent back to Kondo to upgrade the firmware, and they include appropriate cautions about saving your data, especially home positions, gyro settings, and the like, since the new firmware will overwrite the controller memory wiping out old settings.

Of course, the new firmware will require the use of a later version of the Heart to Heart 3 software. At this point only the original version has been translated into English, and there is no mention of Kondo's schedule to release an updated English version. So we highly encourage all the KHR-2HV owners and distributors outside of Japan to let Kondo know how important it is.


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