i-SOBOT Takes Up Basketball (Video)


Okay, we've seen the tiny i-SOBOT robot take on a lot of tough challenges like karate, the 1 meter dash, lifting and carrying items, and even bringing its master a drink.

But, how would it do at the traditional Japanese sport of basketball? Can it dunk a shot?

Many thanks to 'Paxshikai' for this great i-SOBOT video.


2 thoughts on “i-SOBOT Takes Up Basketball (Video)

  1. Score!

    What type of sensors keep it from walking off the table?

  2. The i-Sobot doesn’t have any floor sensors; you can walk it right off the table if you want (it’s remote-controlled).

    What I wonder is how they got the ball to stick to the hand. Maybe it’s a steel ball, and they glued or wedged a small magnet into the right hand? The ball looks plastic though, and I don’t see a magnet, so maybe that’s not it.

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