i-SOBOT: More Fun Games to Play with i-SOBOT (Video)


We introduced a number of simple i-SOBOT robot games in the article we wrote for Robot Magazine's Winter 2007 issue issue (with i-SOBOT on the cover). Now that the robots fan base is rapidly growing, more and more i-SOBOT owners are coming up with games of their own.

The most recent example is a variation on the old 'Spoon carry' game we used to play at neighborhood picnics and at summer camp. Each player is given an egg and a spoon to carry it. Then they have to run the course, either for the best time against the clock, or against each other - which is even more fun. 'Paxshikai', a creative i-SOBOT robot fan on YouTube, immediately saw the opportunity to try the same thing with this years hottest robot.

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