i-SOBOT: Hot Robot Bargain at Amazon.Com

With Christmas rapidly approaching, Amazon seems determined to take advantage of the growing robot boom to set new online sales records. Right now they are offering the hottest robot product this season - the TOMY i-SOBOT at the astoundingly low price of only $179.99. That's a 40% discount!

Update: (12/6/2007) Amazon has changed the price to $249.99 - still a healthy 17% discount, and the lowest price we've been able to locate online so far.


3 thoughts on “i-SOBOT: Hot Robot Bargain at Amazon.Com

  1. The special deal was fairly short-lived; the price soon jumped to $249.99. But not before I managed to snag one at $179.99, thanks to Robots-Dreams timely heads-up. Thanks, and a doff of the hat!

  2. I been surfing around the net and cant seem to find the CAMVersion of i-Sobot. This model also supports Wifi, but i cant find it. Only articles about it.
    Strange when the release date for this version was a long time ago.

    Can anybody help me out?


  3. _Dre,

    The articles you’ve seen that mention the 2nd i-SOBOT model with a camera and network connection are based on a TOMY press conference that took place early in 2007. At that time they expected to release two models.

    Later reality sunk in, and the 2nd model schedule was pushed out. It is not currently on the market, though we have seen some online sites list it in error.

    Our best guess is that that model will be released sometime this summer targeting the 2008 Christmas gift purchase cycle.

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