Wired Science Geek Dad: Nao Maru & King Kizer (Video)


We first met Nao Maru and his family at a ROBO-ONE competition in Tokyo a few years ago. Since our homes are about 400 miles apart, we only get the opportunity to meet in person during one of the major robot events here. But last December (2006) we happened to visit Nagoya on vacation, and the Maru family was kind enough to invite us to their home.

As usual, we took some photos and video, and several months later had a feature article about King Kizer published in Robot Magazine. As it turns out, the article caught the attention of the Wired Magazine editors, and they sent a television crew to the Maru home for a Geek Dad segment on the PBS Wired Science television series.

The resulting program aired on Wednesday (November 21st) in the US, and right after the broadcast it was added to their website. We're sure you can see from the video below why Wired was so impressed, and how right they were in picking Nao Maru as their featured Geek Dad for this episode.

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One thought on “Wired Science Geek Dad: Nao Maru & King Kizer (Video)

  1. Great episode. Thank’s for pointing it out. Lem, we noticed your name in the show’s end credits!

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