Vstone Introduces Some Totally Awesome Servos

Vstone has become famous in the humanoid robot field for developing numerous state of the art robots and components including the VisiON 4G autonomous RoboCup soccer robots. Now they have announced commercial availability of their most advanced, high torque, high performance servos so that humanoid robot builders with the passion, and deep pockets, can follow in their foot steps. 

Starting in December (2007), customers will be able to purchase two new Vstone servo models, the VS-SV410 and VS-SV1150, along with some very interesting options.

Both servo models feature an aluminum case design that provides excellent rigidity and heat-sinking along with coreless motors. The VS-SV1150 can generate a suprising 115 kgf-cm torque and has a 340 degree operating rotation angle.

To take the maximum advantage of the new servos performance, Vstone has implemented their unique LVSerial command control system. This allows the servos to report their postion, voltage, temperature, and other parameters to the controller. It is also possible to adjust, or fine tune operating parameters, and implement temperature and voltage checks under program control. And, the LVSerial protocol supports the bus connection and operation of up to 63 servos.

All that performance doesn't come cheap. The VS-SV410 model is expected to retail for 31,500 yen each, or 283,500 yen for a set of 10. The more powerful VS-SV1150 will retail for 63,000 yen each, or 535,500 for a ten piece set. Realistically, a 20 DOF humanoid robot design will set you back somewhere between USD$4,500 to $8,000 just for the servos, before you start adding in the controller, frames, and other necessary parts.

But, if you're a serious RoboCup competitor, then you have to be prepared to bite the bullet.

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2 thoughts on “Vstone Introduces Some Totally Awesome Servos

  1. It’s great to see other manufacturers finally starting to make sensible robot servos — Bioloid has been the only one for a long time, with Hitec for example still missing the boat. What we want are *intelligent* servos, that are daisy-chainable, serially addressable, and can report their status.

    But $282 for one servo — ouch! Makes me glad I’ve given up on Robo-One robots for now. :) Hopefully competition and volume will drive the prices down soon.

  2. It can take a bit of tinkering, but if you want cheaper servos that you can alter as you like, check out the Open Servo Project: link to openservo.org They have most/all of the functions touted by the commercial guys.

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