Robot Kits Are Just The Beginning (Video)

Some people buy a hobby robot kit, assemble it, try out the motions provided by the manufacturer, and then get bored. But for others the stock kits are just the beginning of the fun and challenge. They take the standard robot and start to add a lot of their own creativity and skill. The results can be very rewarding in terms of personal satisfaction and peer recognition.

A great example is the work done by "Eullin" and posted recently on the RoboSavvy forums. He started with a standard, off the shelf, Hitec Robonova-1 then let his imagination and creativity loose. His video below should give you a good idea of what can be accomplished with some dedication, effort, and time.


3 thoughts on “Robot Kits Are Just The Beginning (Video)

  1. Looks great! But I don’t know the RN-1 that well; apart from the custom paint job, what else has been modified on this one?

  2. Hola, este es mi RN1, este robot no esta modificado, al contrario, le faltan piezas, cabeza, manos, y la carcasa del busto, la que hay es una placa de aluminio, los servos, y demas piezas son del kit original de robonova. Siempre me han gustado los robot industriales y por eso lo pinte de esa manera. Eso si, si le quieres ver hacer cosas tienes que dedicarle tiempo, y paciencia, y veras como tu RN1 cobra vida.
    un saludo

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