ROBO*ROCK Movie Road Show Starts End of November (Video)


Okay, we have to admit that we know next to nothing about the new ROBO*ROCK movie coming out later this month. Of course it could turn out to be a real bomb. But, it does have all the right elements to catch our attention. A giant robot, action, gangsters, excitement, a giant robot, young enthusiastic kids, and rock music. Oh, by the way, did we mention it has a giant robot?

The robot rock movie is scheduled to start its "road show" on Friday, November 23rd - a national holiday here in Japan, and the movie trailer (see video below) looks really cool. And, the official website has some downloadable wallpaper of... a giant robot!

The official ROBO*ROCK website looks cool enough by itself so that we will have to check out the movie as soon as it's in the theaters. Of course we'll post a review here on Robots Dreams after we get a chance to see it. There's no word on plans to distribute the movie overseas, but we'll try to track down some information and let you know.


And here's a look at the giant robot wallpaper (link below if you want to download a copy): 


And the Japanese trailer:

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2 thoughts on “ROBO*ROCK Movie Road Show Starts End of November (Video)

  1. Wow … I don’t know a lick of Japanese, but I’d have to say that that trailer seemed a bit slapstick. But, then again, maybe that’s how Japanese movies are?

    Regardless, I’d go see just about anything as long as it had a giant robot in it :)

  2. Normally I’d agree that anything with a giant robot can’t fail. Unfortunately the Japanese film industry only makes very good and very bad movies. There is no middle ground. Like how the ripped off the boogie nights style font though. Maybe its a giant 70’s porn robot, ha

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