ROBO-ONE Grand Prix 2007 in Chiba Demonstration Highlights (Video)


Although everyone seems to automatically identify ROBO-ONE with the one-on-one bouts in the ring, personally we really prefer the demonstration phases of the competitions. They provide an excellent opportunity for the builders to really showcase their skill and ability while entertaining and often delighting the crowds.

The stress associated with the demonstration stage of a major ROBO-ONE competition is pretty intense. The field of around 100 or more entries is pared down to 32 or less based on demonstration scores awarded by a panel of expert judges. So, it's not unusual to see a builder make some nervous mistakes that, unfortunately, can knock them out of the running.

In contrast, the demonstrations that are staged during the ROBO-ONE Grand Prix competitions are much more relaxed. The Grand Prix competitors are typically eight of the top ROBO-ONE robots and are hand picked well in advance. None of them have to worry about being cut from the line-up. Their primary demonstration goal is to entertain and inspire people in the audience, especially those that have an interest in getting involved in the sport.

As a result, the Grand Prix demonstrations usually come off without a hitch, and you get to see the robots, and their builders, at their best.You also get to enjoy each builder and their robot showing off different talents. For example, at the recent ROBO-ONE Grand Prix 2007 competition in Chiba we were able to see robot gymnastics, flower arranging, baseball pitching, can crushing, and many other unique performances.


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