ROBO-ONE: Fair or Foul Defense? (Video)


After the latest revision to the ROBO-ONE regulations was released we noticed some online discussions about the 'three point defense' technique, and so we started looking for a good example.

Several competitors used their arms, or in the case of OmniZero his wings, to create a three point tripod and avoid being knocked off balance when their competitor attacked. Is this a fair, or foul, defensive technique? It may have fit within the earlier regulations, but probably doesn't match the spirit of the competition.

Here's a good example, captured and posted by Dauto-san, from the ROBO-ONE 12 competition in Takamatsu this past September. Let us know what you think: 


5 thoughts on “ROBO-ONE: Fair or Foul Defense? (Video)

  1. Using arms I think is fine. Wings? I don’t know about that.

  2. I would have to agree with Francis – It’s not like these robots have dexterous hands and fingers to begin with, so having two wings on this class of humanoid robot is more like having four arms. Fair, technically yes. There’s nothing in the rules at this point stating our robots can’t, and it’s definately more of a challenge for the oposition (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). However, if this goes unchecked, I’m sure it won’t be long before we see robots with tripod-like fixtures, or four-point “walkers” (like my grandmother uses to get around) sprouting up.
    Wings? It’s sharp looking, but doesn’t aid in any ability to fly, so…

  3. …..If it is not the arms with extended DOF, or knee joints, then it will all ways be something as said before a humanoid is suppose to resemble a human..I DON’T HAVE WINGS! especially ones that prevent me from FALLING OVER…I see it as cheap shots and unfair to the rest…Robot builders use such techniques, because all they want is to win and the result is as the vid shows. Just because it’s not in the rule book doesn’t mean it’s right.

  4. Do the rules not state something about a “3 point” penalty, in which a robot gets a point taken away if three of its parts (ie: two feet + hand or other joint) are touching the arena floor? So the defense would work so as not to lose further points, but there would still be a penalty… that seems pretty fair. I would have to agree that Omnizeros wings seem a bit outside of human specifications – but they don’t seem to be used excessively. Perhaps it would be best if they were kept up.

  5. It looks like that defense still has some major flaws. The wings or extra arms create a big balance disadvantage, so that’s where it gains a weakness from a strength. I’d say it’s fair, because it’s very risky to move those extra limbs around without getting knocked down.

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