New Crawlspace Robot Introduced by Sanyo Electric

Sanyo Electric is showing off a new tracked robot designed to inspect the crawl spaces under single family houses. The robot, which only measures 200 mm x 260 mm x 420 mm, can enter the crawl space via a fresh air vent, then move around the crawl space under remote control observing the foundation, walls, water and sewage pipes, and electrical cables.

The design appears to be fairly rugged, weighs 9.6 kg, and can operate for over two hours using a lithium ion battery. The tracks allow the robot to cross surface level differences of up to 85 mm. Sanyo hasn't disclosed the projected production dates or market price, but has stated that their target price for the robot system is 1 million yen (approximately USD$ 8,600.)


One thought on “New Crawlspace Robot Introduced by Sanyo Electric

  1. Great little machine, why not put a little dozer blade on the Front and you can use it to excavate a crawl space if you need to deepen it. I would buy one, I need it next week.

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