Major Regulation Revisions for ROBO-ONE 13


The latest ROBO-ONE regulations that will apply starting with ROBO-ONE 13 (March, 2008 in Tokyo) have been posted. All builders planning to compete would be well advised to study the changes carefully since there have been extensive revisions.

All the changes are noted in the new regulation PDF file in red. One that immediate stands out is the addition of a slope to the pre-competition screening process. In the past it was sufficient to show that your robot could walk a prescribed number of steps within a few seconds, make turns, and pick itself up off the mat. The new screening test requires the robot to autonomously walk across a 10 mm elevated slope (see the regulations for a detailed course diagram) within a 40 second time limit. Only two attempts are allowed.


The Demonstration part of the regulations lays out the special challenges that include timing the robots performance to the supplied background music "Active Boy" by Infix; doing a 180 degree jump turn; and something called a "rondat" that we haven't figured out yet.

Also, the foot/sole and dimension section has been changed eliminating the older 'Z' dimension limits in the spec and adding a new center of gravity check.

Be sure to study the new regulations carefully well in advance of the competition. This is particularly important for overseas builders planning to enter. 


One thought on “Major Regulation Revisions for ROBO-ONE 13

  1. Good to see the new rules posted here. Has anyone put together an English translation?

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