JPL NASA All Terrain Space Robot Video Online


JPL NASA released a great 3 minute video (link below) overview of the ATHLETE robot showing an actual half sized working model in action. The robot's main objective is to serve as a mobile platform on the moon or other planets enabling the movement of large laboratory or equipment modules supporting remote exploration.

Externally, the robot looks very much like a simple framework with six leg/wheel assemblies:


No jokes about Porta-Potties on the moon please:


But looks are deceiving. There is an amazing amount of technology and design packed into what appears to be very basic at first glance. For example, each of the robots six faces included stereoscopic camera arrays:


The video signals are processed and displayed on a large, multiscreen display console that provides the operator with almost a 3 D view of the environment surrounding the robot:


The operator console reminded us of a simpler version of the one developed by AnyBots to control their advanced robot designs.

Also, each leg wheel can serve as a multipurpose tool by adding special attachments like grippers and drills:


Check out the JPL NASA ATHLETE HD video, and its background story

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One comment

  1. This robot of JPL is similar of my original concept robot X-VEAAT eXperimental Vehicle Explorer Adaptable All Terrain designed, contructed on 2004 and presented (before of ATHLETE) in Campus-Party 2005 and 2006 of Valencia, Spain.

    see my robot in this pages..


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