Insanely Cool Human-Machine Interface (Video)


Okay, we have a very severe, perhaps incurable, case of technology lust. We just saw a video clip (below) of Jeff Han's multi-touch human machine interface, and were totally blown away.

Of course we realize that the price tag (undisclosed, but you can guess it's easily over six figures) puts it way, way out of our limited range, but that doesn't stop us from wanting to go out and mortgage the house, the car, and anything else we could borrow against just to have one of Jeff's unbelievablely cool interfaces.

Jeff, doing the demo in the video below captured at the TED conference, formed Perceptive Pixel, Inc as a technology based spin off from the NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He explains his original motivation and the current status in this video:

If you thought that was as amazing as we did, then you will also want to check out the Perceptive Pixel demo video for some even cooler stuff, and Jeff's formal presentation at TED 2006.


3 thoughts on “Insanely Cool Human-Machine Interface (Video)

  1. Wow cool – very Minority Report – Immediately reminded me of that movie

  2. You could get an iPhone — I don’t have one, but my understanding is that it uses this same multi-touch interface (albeit on a much smaller scale!).

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