Industrial Robotics Growth Still Going Strong

With the International Robot Exhibition (IREX) coming up in just a couple weeks we need to update our robotics database with the latest facts and figures. Researching the business performance of some of the long term industrial robot manufacturers we came across some very interesting trends that we'll cover in a series of Robots Dreams posts over the next few months.

A good example is Denso, located in Aichi, Japan. Since they specialize in industrial robots for manufacturing applications, and happened to be headquartered in the same area as Toyota, no one would be surprised to find out that their production volumes ramped along with the rise of Japanese automobile manufacturers. And, you would expect that their volumes reached a plateau and leveled out - but surprisingly that isn't what happened at all.

Although the company was initially established in the 1940's and their robot business kicked off in 1967, their first commercial robot installations didn't start until 1970. It took Denso close to 27 years to sell their first 10,000 robots. Selling the next 10,000 robots took only four years. Three years later, they hit the 30,000 mark. Then two years and three months to achieve 40,000 robots sold, and in the next year and a half they sold enough to pass the 50,000 robot sold record.


In addition to a long term vision and commitment to the market and technology by their management, employees, and stakeholders, Denso attributes their success to aggressively understanding their customers requirements and proposing new approaches to help their customers become more efficient and competitive. They have also proactively expanded their international customer base taking the initiative to follow manufacturing and assembly operations as they relocated away from Japan and other advanced but high labor cost economies.

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